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Fall in love with the Coco! These lashes are inspired by the classic Coco Chanel. Featuring a winged out effect with a traditional criss-cross wispy effect, the medium to high density of these lashes is perfect for full glam makeup looks. They’re great on all eye shapes, but will provide the ultimate cat eye effect on almond eyes.

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1) Pull lash carefully out of the case starting at the outer corner of the lash.

2) Measure lash to fit eye length. Lash should start at the beginning of the iris and continue to the end of the eye length. Cut off excess from the outer edge using a pair of sharp scissors.

3) Prep natural lash with a light coat of mascara and allow to dry.

4) Add a thin layer of glue to the entire lash band from inner to outer edge. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to dry.

5) Using the eyelash applicator, centre the lash with the eye and place on the skin as close as possible to the natural lash.

6) Once the lash is in place, use the lash applicator to secure the inner and outer corners of the lash to the skin. Hold for 5 seconds on each corner.

7) Once glue is fully dried, use the mini eyelash curler to pinch natural and false lashes together.

8) Repeat for second eye.


1) Carefully peel lashes off the eyelids starting from the outer edge of each eye. Hold from the lash bands, not the lashes themselves.

2) Remove all excess lash glue from the eyes using a Q-tip or makeup wipe with micellar water.

3) Remove lash glue from false lashes by carefully pulling off the excess with tweezers.

4) Remove excess product such as mascara by brushing lightly on the lash strands with a spoolie brush.

5) Store lashes in their original box/case.


Your CJP Beauty Luxury Silk Lashes will last up to 25 wears. In order to ensure your lashes reach their optimal lifespan, follow these dos and don’ts.


– Remove lash glue after each wear by carefully pulling off dry glue

– Clean off excess product from lashes by lightly brushing with a spoolie brush

– Handle lashes from the band

– Remove lashes from outer corner of the eyes first

– Always keep lashes in box or case

Do not:

– Sleep with lashes. This can bend the lashes, changing the shape and curl.

– Use mascara on lashes This will make your false lashes heavier, clumpy and reduce their life.

– Clean lashes in water or any other chemical product. This will flatten the curl of the lash.

– Pull or tug on strands. This will result in shedding.


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